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Review: Legend by Marie Lu (kindle edition)

"What was once the western United States is now home to the Republic, a nation perpetually at war with its neighbors. Born into an elite family in one of the Republic’s wealthiest districts, fifteen-year-old June is a prodigy being groomed for success in the Republic’s highest military circles. Born into the slums, fifteen-year-old Day is the country’s most wanted criminal. But his motives may not be as malicious as they seem.
From very different worlds, June and Day have no reason to cross paths—until the day June’s brother, Metias, is murdered and Day becomes the prime suspect. Caught in the ultimate game of cat and mouse, Day is in a race for his family’s survival, while June seeks to avenge Metias’s death. But in a shocking turn of events, the two uncover the truth of what has really brought them together, and the sinister lengths their country will go to keep its secrets."

My rating: 5 stars

Back when the dystopian genre was first being discovered, if a book was described as dystopian people were intrigued - it was a new exciting idea for young adult lit.

Now, after the huge success of The Hunger Games, people often assume the dystopian genre has been exhausted. Hundreds of dystopians have been written with almost identical plots and characters. I must admit I was one of those people.

It actually took me weeks to download Legend on my Kindle cause all I could think was "Ugh another dystopian".

If you are reading this and can relate to any of what I just said you need to ignore yourself. This book is different to other dystopians and breathes fresh air into this genre. I couldn't put it down!

I absolutely LOVED the way they were set against each other. June is a Republic prodigy. Perfect score on the Trial and set to join the Republic military. Day is a low street criminal trying to survive. 

For the first part of the book June hates Day (for valid reasons) and I really liked that. In most YA books all I see is the boy and girl completely in love straight away and in Legend I liked how Lu got the reader so engaged in the characters feelings. I myself was thinking "I can't believe Day would......" or "This doesn't add up why is...." 
You start thinking that the story you've been given might not be correct and start thinking of alternatives - much like a mystery novel.

You quickly become attached to the characters - despite the two viewpoints (June and Day). I am a major June fan.

Overall Lu has written a wonderfully original plot with characters you become attached to very quickly. June is a fantastic female character (aka badass) and Day is an interesting male character. The minor characters are used in a lovely way - I love how Tess was set up for the next book.

An awesome book that gives me hope for the dystopian genre, a new favourite of mine and a must read for dystopian fans. Well worth the money - especially on a Kindle!

What did you guys think of Legend? Comment below!


Free Kindle book - Chasing Justice

"Piper Anderson has been given a fresh start in the picturesque town of Edenville, North Carolina. But her plans of settling into a normal life are derailed when she witnesses a prominent judge in her community committing a violent assault. Running from her own past and fueled by a passion to make the judge answer for his crimes, Piper is forced to decide if she’ll play by the rules or achieve justice in her own way.

Complicating things further, Piper finds herself fighting a powerful attraction to rookie cop, Bobby Wright. Although she’s increasingly enamored with Bobby, his staunch belief in the justice system is in stark contrast to her own. She may not share his opinions about the effectiveness of the law, but she certainly can’t deny how safe she feels when she’s in his arms or how every kiss leaves her desperate for more. 
For Piper, the idea of finally living an ordinary life with a man to love is tempting. However, fate keeps placing the judge, quite literally, in her path. Will she decide the only way to win is to be as wicked as the judge, but with righteous intentions? And more importantly, will Bobby choose to let her go, or follow her as she crosses the line and takes justice into her own hands?"

Hi guys!

So we all love free books of course, and one of my Facebook fans informed me of an awesome deal on at Amazon at the moment. You can get Chasing Justice by Danielle Stewart (Piper Anderson #1) absolutely FREE on your Kindle right now!

I haven't read this myself yet as I have loads to read and it's more of an adult genre book but the reviews on Amazon are amazing with 197 reviewers giving it 5 stars! Here are a few reviews:

"I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in this book. Danielle Stewart successfully takes the familiar theme of Right vs. Wrong to new levels with unique view points and intelligent plot twists. I tend to be a fairly critical reader when it comes to this genre, so I really appreciate the balance of the book - suspense, humor, and just enough romance to make it appealing without being over the top. By far, the best part of the book is its characters. Brought to life through witty dialogue peppered with southern charm, you half expect them to walk right off the pages into your living room. I'm very much looking forward to book 2 in this series!" - Rebecca Schisler

"This book had me hooked from the first page. It had everything in one book from crime drama to romance with a little bit of humor mixed in. The characters had me pulling for each of them. I really can't wait to see what happens to this group in the next book. I'm so glad this is a series so I can keep reading!" - Love2Read

"This was an Amazon freebie that has surpassed any and all expectations that I had for it. Incredible book that wove together romance, lost innocence, mystery, intrigue, and the fight for justice." - Reading Junkie

If you want to download Chasing Justice just go on your Kindle and to the Kindle Store. Otherwise you could click here and do it from your computer.

I found about this great deal at the Reading Is My Cup Of Tea Facebook page so go ahead and like it to find out about other deals!

Let me know what you think of Chasing Justice in the comments :)


Review: The Kill Order by James Dashner (kindle edition)

"The prequel to the New York Times bestselling Maze Runner series.

Before WICKED was formed, before the Glade was built, before Thomas entered the Maze, sun flares hit the earth and mankind fell to disease.

Mark and Trina were there when it happened, and they survived. But surviving the sun flares was easy compared to what came next. Now a disease of rage and lunacy races across the eastern United States, and there’s something suspicious about its origin. Worse yet, it’s mutating, and all evidence suggests that it will bring humanity to its knees.

Mark and Trina are convinced there’s a way to save those left living from descending into madness. And they’re determined to find it—if they can stay alive. Because in this new, devastated world, every life has a price. And to some, you’re worth more dead than alive."

My Rating: 2 stars.

Okay so I had super high hopes for this book - loved the original trilogy with The Maze Runner being one of my favourite books. (don't even get me started on the perfect film casting)

I was a bit unsure about it being a prequel but hey, I still was excited to read it.

It was okay. I mean, it was heavy on the action and gore but there was little to no character development. I personally felt as if Dashner milking the cash cow so to speak. He's had such success with TMR he decided to squeeze a bit more cash out of a story which would have been fine without it. 

Honestly I can't blame him but it made this book quite unremarkable for me. Lots of action and gore and stuff. I liked the ending and the beginning with the connections to the other trilogy.

I also thought the descriptions of the illness and how it spread. The bit in the forest with the tribes (kind of) was really well written and I liked that element of it.

I paid around £4 for my kindle edition which and I think if you're bored and you have a kindle it's worth a go.

Overall a very mediocre book compared to the original trilogy but worth a read if you're a fan.

Anyone else who has read it got any thoughts?


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