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Author interview with Dan O'Brien!

Please welcome Dan O'Brien author of  The Ocean and the Hourglass, a heart-warming adventure for all ages!
About the author

Dan O'Brien
 I was born on the east coast and spent most of my life moving around. I recently settled into California where I am a graduate student in Experimental Psychology. I was a fitness trainer and am a lifelong student of martial arts. I write a little bit of everything and have lately been focusing on a few new novels, continuing some series and embarking on a screenplay binge.                                                                                                                        Find Dan on the Web: Website/Twitter/Goodreads 
Hey Dan! Thanks for letting me interview you! It's an honour to have you for my first author interview.

Let's start with the obvious, what inspired you to write each of your books?

I have always loved to write. When I was quite a bit younger, I started writing stories that I would have friends and family read to the point of exhaustion. When the flash of creativity directed me upon the journey of my first novel, I adhered and listened. With the four books I currently have in print, each of them had their own beginnings. The Journey originated as a response to a philosophy class I was taking in college at the time. The Ocean and the Hourglass was concocted while working the night shift at a grocery store. Cerulean Dreams was a mad dash novel that I was convinced would be a great read, based on a dreams I had. Bitten was probably the most purposive of the four, in the sense that I wrote it to see if I could handle the genre of urban fantasy. 

What do you enjoy most about writing?

I love creating stories and listening to my characters, finding out where they want to go. Great stories can inspire. The very possibility that someone might read what I have written and enjoy it makes the entire process worth it. 

What do you believe makes a good story?

A good story starts with characters who are believable, regardless of how unbelievable the story might be. Giving them emotions and real motivations, you can see the characters grow and change in unpredictable ways. 

Three things you'd bring to desert island?

A copy of Les Miserables, a box of waterproof matches, and Benjamin Linus. He knows where the Others hide everything. 

When you are not writing, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am a graduate student, so most of my spare time is spent reading research. Beyond that, I am s bit of a gym rat and I always love to read fiction when I have the time. My days are mostly filled with school, training, and writing. 

All of your books fit into different genres. Was this intended? Was it difficult?

Bitten was the only one that was intentionally a different genre. I generally write what strikes my fancy, and clearly I have a tendency to dabble in different genres. The books that have not yet been released add to the mismatched myriad of genres I participate in.  

Your book The Ocean and The Hourglass in 3 words? Go!

Water. Fantasy. Epic. 

Quick fire answering! 

Mac or PC? 


Reading or writing?


Tea or coffee? 


Sweets (candy) or chocolate? 


Last one, quick Haiku about your book? 

The book opens wide
To a world he imagined
His journey awaits

Thanks for talking with me today Dan!

And thank you readers for being a part of my very first author interview! Leave me your thoughts (I'd love some feedback) in the comments!

Thanks for reading and the next post is a giveaway!


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