Thursday, 24 November 2011

Secret Blogger

Hey guys! I'm just here. At school. BLOGGING! Blogger isn't blocked, YAY! Technically, I'm allowed but I still feel all cool and James-Bond like. I'm sat here covering the screen (well not really) with my lovely fellow blogger and reader and friend LAUREN! Her blog isn't necessarily a book blog but a whole range of cool fun stuff! I highly recommend you check it out and follow if you like what you see! Everything on her blog is awesome (except her creepy obsession with JLS) GO FOLLOW!

Thanks guys!


  1. Haha look at you being all incognito xD. I shall go check out your friend's blog.

    Can you check out my friend's blog too? She's a book blogger but she also blogs about tv shows, movies, anime and manga :).

    WildFire Writing

    You'll see a couple posts by me on there too, she's quite new.

  2. @ Sandy Your friend sounds cool! Of COURSE I'll check out her blog! My friend is also quite new but we're having a 'blogging party' tomorrow so I can (in her words) 'pimp her blog' hee hee thanks!


  3. Mwaha! Ninja school-time blogging! Love it! XD

  4. Sarah, I know! I felt all cool and secretive XD


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