Saturday, 5 November 2011

Saturday shows (1)


Saturday shows is a new weekly meme that I'm starting! Please let me know if someone else has done it and if you like it! Feel free to take part as long as you link back to me!

Here are some shows I like and some screenshots I like!

Merlin was on tonight! This is for my UK followers as Merlin is shown on the BBC, I don't know whether my overseas followers can still watch it, sorry!

Episode 1 series 1 synopsis:
Young Merlin is sent by his mother from their village to start a better life in Camelot, where he is apprenticed to Gaius, the physician to the repressive King Uther, who believes magic is evil and punishable by death. When Gaius realizes that Merlin has magical, telekinetic powers he agrees to keep the boy's secret. Uther has just executed a sorcerer, whose mother comes to Camelot in the guise of a pretty girl who charms the court to sleep with her singing. Only Merlin sees what is happening and stays awake, saving the situation without being exposed as a warlock. As a reward he is promoted to valet to Uther's son, Arthur.
Episode 6 series 4 synopsis (the one I just watched)
When Merlin falls into Morgana's hands, he becomes a deadly weapon in her fight for supremacy. Using ancient magic, she pits friend against friend to create the perfect assassin. An oblivious Arthur is in great danger. Will anyone notice Merlin's unusual behaviour before he does the king some serious harm?

It's changed so much! I recommend for fans of fantasy and history, it's actually REALLY funny! Finally is my favourite screenshot of the series:
Arthur and Gwen's first kiss from series 2 episode 2

Sorry, it's a bit grainy! I know, I'm a sucker for first kisses. So, yeah. Merlin is awesome!

Thanks for reading! Next week is... The Vampire Diaries! So look out for more of this:

Till next time! *grins evilly*


  1. I love Merlin! I first started watching it when I was away for school and of course didn't (still don't) have BBC so I had to watch the episodes online and then after series 2 I had to wait for series 3, kind of forgot about the show when I returned home. I thought it was still on hiatus when I found out series 4 was starting this year! I seriously need to catch up, I'm over a series behind I can't believe it! I also love The Vampire Diaries and am actually caught up on that so I look forward to your post next week!

    Check out my post on Sherlock on my friend's blog.

  2. Hi!

    Yeah, Merlin is so cool! You should definitely catch up when you have the chance! I also love The Vampire Diaries but because I live in England they are aired a few days behind :/

    Thanks for commenting and feel free to participate as long as you link back. :)


  3. I just went on over to your friends blog but it won't let me comment? But could you let them know that I really enjoyed their post! And trailers! Great idea!



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