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Review: ARC of Fateful by Claudia Gray.

Review of Fateful by Claudia Gray. 

** spoiler alert ** Hi!

I'm rating this 4.5 star.

I won an ARC of this book from the lovely Claire Legrand and I was really excited because I love Claudia Gray's work.

And then it arrived and I loved it! Even more than I thought I would.

The protagonist (Tess Davies) is a really interesting character. I can feel her morals, and her point of view really makes you hate the Lisles. (Excepting Irene of course.) But it's not as if I yelled at the book when Layton took her money or anything!! *looks around furtively* Tess's feelings for Alec are really strong throughout the book and you can definitely understand and empathise with her. Gray really adds a strong aspect of feminism to this book, making Tess a very strong character and someone you can admire.

Though I really don't know much about the Titanic, I think Gray describes it beautifully through Tess's eyes. I particularly enjoy the description of third class and the people you find down there. (E.g. The Norwegian women.) I was particularly sad when they died. But I think Gray also describes the lavish beauty of the ship as well.

Now, one of my favourite characters in this book is Myriam. I love her sass and her attitude but also her kindness and friendship towards Tess. Her relationship with George was beautiful, sweet and easy. I felt refreshed imagining her happiness. When George died I could feel her pain as if she was right there in front of me. She is an incredible character and a spin off story about her would be greatly welcomed.

Mikhail. He was bad. In a good way I mean! He was an extraordinary character and Gray describes him so beautifully that it makes the reader actually hate him. He's evil right from his toes to the tip of his slick black hair. Him and Layton I particularly hate.

Lady Regina was a cruel character and Gray makes sure we feel this by her terrible mistreatment of a loved character - Irene. Her spite and meanness seep through the pages even with small things like making Irene wear wrong coloured clothes.

Which brings me to Irene. I love this character. I love her kindness and her love for Ned. I want to step into the stpry and give her a big hug. I especially like her when she finally stands up to Lady Regina because it's like a dove being set free. It's beautiful. Just imagining the smirk being wiped of Lady Regina's face makes me laugh out loud.

Alec is a beautiful character. I can feel his pain and guilt and love as if they were my own. There are no words for him.

"If this book has such a glowing review, why are you only giving a rating of 4.5?" I hear you cry.

Well basically, it's the Titanic, right? So you expect there to be a huge deal about the Titanic sinking. For me, I couldn't feel that panic. Gray is so focused on the werewolf side of things that she doesn't have enough drama for the unsinkable ship. I got the impression of 'oh hey the Titanic's sinking.' kinda thing.

However, I strongly recommend this book for fans of YA lit and fantasy fans, along with some romance in there *fans self*



  1. I liked this one, too. 4-Stars for me. I loved the characters and the romance was totally swoon-worthy!


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